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Rosca Law Boutique Team

Why a Law Boutique Concept?

As we are not dealing with faceless corporations but with people. These people have needs to not only get their businesses on a good position, but these people have private needs, too. We are a lawyers team, we are our client’s personal lawyers team.

Being a modest sized firm allows us to be agile, to know our clients well, focus on their issues and provide them with advice adapted to their needs rather than pushing them into the business model of a large firm.

The firm is flexible in its billing structure having for each type of cases a suitable billing approach, as follows:

  • billings done hourly, or
  • flat fees, or
  • success fees.

Our goals and our motto

We’ve changed a lot since our business started.

We have clients all over the country and also clients from all over the world.

We take into account financial, strategic, operational, organizational and other non-legal aspects of our clients’ business as we understand our client’s business, providing valuable and practical assistance.

We are the problem-solving team! Problem solving involves thinking not only about what the relevant facts, known or unknown. Problem solving requires understanding inconsistent or ambiguous facts.

As clients may have more than one goal, the goals may be conflicting (short-term versus long-term goals, for example) or ambiguous. Problem solving also requires us to look at a problem from different perspectives: from the client’s and his opponent’s perspective.

We pay attention to details, but we also think of the big picture, our client’s goals and needs. We treat client’s issues as our own issues.

We discuss the issues with the client and work towards developing goals together. Many clients know they need help, but they do not know what type of help they need. It is a lawyer’s job to figure out what needs to be done.

We consider what would be best for the client financially, and personally. In evaluating and weighing options, considerations of cost and efficiency are important, as well as whether the goals of the client and others conflict. We review the short-term and long-term goals of the client as well. In addition, we analyze whether an option would create new problems or make the problem worse.

Through our various cases and experience with our clients, we are very proud that we can paint a picture of our work and our best results in some interesting colors. Here are some examples.

Rosca Law Office succeeded in winning compensation for a well-known client, whose property had been nationalized, with a value of €7,000,000.

Rosca Law Office succeeded in obtaining the return of a major architecturally listed monument which housed a Court of Appeal that had to go elsewhere.

Rosca Law Office were successful in obtaining the restitution of a large piece of land the boundaries of which were unclear, no longer easy to locate and were not adequately described in the title deeds.

Rosca Law Office successfully advised a client which was the consultant in Romania of a public institution who has been provided with the Policy Paper on Public Internal Financial Control and who was requested to provide comments and to make suggestions based on its experience with other countries in developing a policy planning process that should be customized to the policy process that is officially approved by the Romanian government. The way of structuring this policy document was to:

  • describe the existing situation;
  • define the problems that exist;
  • describe the policy principles;
  • state the policy objective;
  • state the policy outcomes (results of the policy);
  • describe the performance indicators (that show the policy outcomes have been achieved;
  • main areas in which action must be taken to achieve the policy goal and the policy outcomes;
  • policy impact on: the government budget (savings or costs), the private sector, civil society, etc.;
  • further action that must be taken;
  • how the policy will be evaluated in the future.

Rosca Law Office successfully advised a team of young chefs to associate in order to register and develop a cooking brand which became quickly the most popular brand in Romania. Also, we helped them in contracts negotiations with the food providers and with a TV station that allowed them to make a TV life cooking show.

Rosca Law Office successfully advised a client during the negotiations with a well-known company and the client obtained a long-term services contract of Euro 1,000,000 which highly advantaged its market position in services field.

Rosca Law Office successfully advised a real estate company on developing a complex project involving the building of an outlet and of building a residential area of 50 villas for which we helped our client to obtain financing contracts in total amount of Euro 15,000,000 from two very important banks in less than a year term.

Rosca Law Office successfully represented five clients who associated in order to develop four photovoltaic power plants of 7.48 MWp projects each. We performed the due diligence on legal status of the property titles of the real estate owned by the company acquired for the purpose of building the photovoltaic power plant, and the legal status of the permits and authorizations obtained by the client in this respect as well as giving the input needed in a unstable green energy legislation. Also, we have successfully helped the client to obtain a part of the necessary papers requested by the public authorities in order to issue the permits and authorizations.

Rosca Law Office successfully advised a team of two young medical doctors (dentists) to associate in order to develop a top dental clinic. We helped them to set up a set of rules and some services providers contracts and labor agreements for their employees that allowed them to function and develop this business with no litigations and court claims for more than 10 years.

Rosca Law Office successfully advised a young creator of jewelry to register a trademark for some jewelry models very representative for the Romanian culture and traditions and which became shortly very popular brand on the jewelry market.

Rosca Law Office successfully represented a client in the court case where it had a number of 50 court files during two years, in an bankruptcy court case against its debtors who failed to pay their debts.

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Multiple areas of expertise in one place

Real Estate

We are recognised as one of the few law firms in Romania that have specialised in proving title and successfully asserting historic property rights.

Intellectual Property

We pride ourselves on finding the right solution to protect and fight for intellectual property rights.


Unlike lawyers who are generalists and offer litigation as an add-on to offering legal advice, we specialise in litigation and we have a lot of experience winning cases since the 1990s.

Succesion Law

Our inheritance practice springs out of our real estate business and our experience of recovering nationalised properties for their heirs.

Employment Law

We try to help our clients to prevent going to court, but if it is not possible to reach an agreement amicably friendly terms that we find the right angle in the law to protect our clients’ interests.

Contract Law

Having the knowledge of Anglo – Saxon law as well of Roman law, having the knowledge of the market and geo political context we are able to design the right understanding between the contracting parties.

Nonprofit and Social Impact

The experience of being involved in various non profit organization as active members or on board helped us understand this area of law that is up and coming for the Romanian society as well as for legal advisers.