Inheritance Law and Administration of Estates

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Inheritance Law and Administration of Estates

Under communism inheritance law was not a strong area of practice. After the 1989 revolution society changed and now there is much to inherit. Our inheritance practice springs out of our real estate business and our experience of recovering nationalised properties for their heirs. We are confident that very few law firms in Romania has had as much success in retrocession of nationalized property. For this very reason we can state that we are highly skilled in this area and as a result we can find the right solution for an individual that may face these issue before or even after death.

We are working with families and advisors to develop and implement procedures to care for loved ones, and to manage their finances.

We evaluate alternatives to guardianship or conservatorship, where feasible.

We do the petitions for guardianship and for conservatorship when appropriate.

We advise on fiduciary duties and obligations required of a guardian and/or conservator.

We draft and administer special needs trusts and management trusts.

We represent fiduciaries in estate tax audits with taxing authorities.

We advise on preserving rights of the loved ones in the case of decease of main owner.

We assist our clients to address not only the legally complex issues but also the emotionally difficult issues that arise when preparing a comprehensive succession plan, and we provide the same assistance for family members when death occurs.

We provide advice to resolve exceptional issues that often occur following a death, whether those issues relate to business structures, real estate assets, intellectual property, or environmental concerns.

We assist our clients on guarding and preserving family wealth when intra-family disputes arise, and we manage all aspects of pre-litigation negotiations, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation.

We advise on drafting quite complex will especially when there are more children and a heritage with different types of movable and non-movable goods, company shares etc.

We represent in disputes on establishing the capacity of heirs of certain persons and on the percentage of the heritage they are entitled to, also and on establishing the total amount of goods that are to be inherited.

We advise the heirs regarding their rights and obligations when the heritage includes a number of shares of a company.

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Multiple areas of expertise in one place

Real Estate

We are recognised as one of the few law firms in Romania that have specialised in proving title and successfully asserting historic property rights.

Intellectual Property

We pride ourselves on finding the right solution to protect and fight for intellectual property rights.


Unlike lawyers who are generalists and offer litigation as an add-on to offering legal advice, we specialise in litigation and we have a lot of experience winning cases since the 1990s.

Employment Law

We try to help our clients to prevent going to court, but if it is not possible to reach an agreement amicably friendly terms that we find the right angle in the law to protect our clients’ interests.

Contract Law

Having the knowledge of Anglo – Saxon law as well of Roman law, having the knowledge of the market and geo political context we are able to design the right understanding between the contracting parties.

Nonprofit and Social Impact

The experience of being involved in various non profit organization as active members or on board helped us understand this area of law that is up and coming for the Romanian society as well as for legal advisers.