Real Estate

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Real Estate

We are best known for advising on Real Estate transactions in which we have very deep experience. We succeeded in solving innumerable difficult legal issues by applying the right legislation and practice. We are recognised as one of the few law firms in Romania that have specialised in proving title and successfully asserting historic property rights.

Assitance in the acquisition, financing, planning, development, construction, leasing, management, and sale of all types of properties, as well as in the formation and structuring of ownership and investment entities.

Property’s transaction history and title review to ensure that the property is able to be sold and that no past owners will come back claiming to still own the real estate property.

We advise owners of real estate properties regarding their mortgaging options.

Sale contract review to make sure there it is fair to all parties.

We advise on rental and maintenance (minor disputes about the property, rights and obligation of the tenant and landlord not mentioned in the contract and/or legislation but can be interpreted, etc.).

We offer a confidential and impartial forum to private parties and businesses for the alternative resolution of disputes.

We advise the builders on the rules and regulations they must know before the process of building is started.

We advise about breaching the rules and law by tenant’s administration, neighbors, actual and /or formal owners.

We have an extensive experience handling the varied claims and disputes among all participants in the construction industry.

We represent owners, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, and material suppliers in a variety of construction-related matters including:

  • errors and omissions claim against design professionals;
  • construction defect claims;
  • general liability claims against designers and contractors;
  • other claims involving damages for personal injury, property damage, economic loss, and project delays;
  • other contract related claims.

We are experienced not only in litigation matters before the courts of law, but also in a variety of alternative dispute forums, including arbitration and mediation.

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Founder & Partner // Logic thinking ability. Analytical skills. Adapting solutions to the need of a client.


Founder & Partner // Business oriented. Leadership. Judgement. Client care.


Partner // Public speaking. Judgement. Analytical skills. Perseverance.


Associate // Public speaking. Confidence. Perseverance. Client care.


Associate // Public speaking. Perseverance. Creativity. Research.


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Associate // Research. Interpersonal skills.


Multiple areas of expertise in one place

Intellectual Property

We pride ourselves on finding the right solution to protect and fight for intellectual property rights.


Unlike lawyers who are generalists and offer litigation as an add-on to offering legal advice, we specialise in litigation and we have a lot of experience winning cases since the 1990s.

Succesion Law

Our inheritance practice springs out of our real estate business and our experience of recovering nationalised properties for their heirs.

Employment Law

We try to help our clients to prevent going to court, but if it is not possible to reach an agreement amicably friendly terms that we find the right angle in the law to protect our clients’ interests.

Contract Law

Having the knowledge of Anglo – Saxon law as well of Roman law, having the knowledge of the market and geo political context we are able to design the right understanding between the contracting parties.

Nonprofit and Social Impact

The experience of being involved in various non profit organization as active members or on board helped us understand this area of law that is up and coming for the Romanian society as well as for legal advisers.