Sergiu Rosca

Team // Rosca Law Boutique

Sergiu Rosca

Business oriented. Leadership. Judgement. Client care.

Sergiu Rosca is a lawyer who has the perfect skills of a business-oriented person that allows him to make a series of good decisions, to establish and maintain useful networks, along with a good risk-management that can produce the desired outcomes.

Sergiu Rosca is a lawyer who leads and inspires his colleagues to go the extra mile for the company and for the clients they work for.

Sergiu Rosca is a lawyer who has a huge the ability to draw reasonable, logical conclusions or assumptions from limited information so that he can anticipate potential areas of weakness in the opponent argument that must be fortified against.

Sergiu Rosca is a lawyer who has excellent abilities in looking after clients and ensuring their satisfaction with the legal services provided.

Sergiu Rosca is a lawyer who has the strong ability to ask the client the right questions related to his issue in order give the client a different perspective on the situation that he probably never took into consideration.

Sergiu Rosca is a tomorrow’s top leader who truly thinks bold and big. He challenges himself and his team to live their dreams. He trusts in his skills and capabilities, searches for the big picture, and enjoy looking beyond it. He thinks, feels, behaves, and acts positively. He surrounds himself with like-minded believers, positive shapers, and creative makers.


  • Computer literate
  • Romanian Taxation expert
  • Understanding of German Commercial and Tax Law
  • Corporation Insolvency
  • Business Law
  • Romanian Legislation drafting
  • Management of staff
  • Experience in working in projects and of European legislation
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Financial Law


  • Member of Romanian Bar Association
  • Member of International Committee of Lawyers
  • Former Member of Romanian Company Insolvency Association


  • Involved in various PHARE projects;
  • Involved in different projects financed with EU funds in connection with education;   
  • Wide knowledge of Romanian commercial and corporate issues;
  • Experienced in providing specialised assistance in negotiations, drafting and approving documents for the establishment of companies, branches and subsidiaries in accordance with Romanian legal requirements;
  • Knowledge of the Romanian Budget Law;
  • completing the required legal procedures for the establishment of companies, branches, subsidiaries and trade representations;
  • providing consultancy in trade, banking, insurance and customs activities, as well as in other commercial activities;
  • offering specialized consultancy, legal audit and due diligence for companies, branches and subsidiaries in the course of their operation;
  • Drafting of legislation to bring laws into accord with EU legislation, i.e. tax law;
  • Management of staff, supervision of work and co-ordination of differing projects.


Focused on deal screening, deal structuring, advisory and mentoring executive teams, compliance with legal requirements, and supervise/manage the relationship with the various legal advisers of various companies as well as investing as follows:

  • Bluegento SRL- Investor
  • ro – Board Member, (past, until Aug 2016) (and Investor)
  • Happy Credit – Board Member (and Investor)
  • Romcablu TV – Board Member (past, exited)
  • Editurile ALL – Board Member (past, exited)
  • JT Deloy&CIE SRL – Board Member (past, exited)
  • Govil SRL. – Board Member (past, exited)
  • 3D Bucharest – Board Member
  • Educatie de Elita – Board Member

Proffesional Experience

Rosca law office // partner

April 2002 to date // Bucharest

  • Involved in various PHARE projects.
  •  Involved in different projects financed with EU funds in connection with education   
  • Advised various clients in connection with business development, potential investment as well as organizational restructure and liquidation.
  • Advised on real estate issues (including the retrieving of the nationalized properties), leasing, intellectual property main issues, tax.
  • Involved in securities for international corporations which had complex legal and financial implications.
  • Representing clients in the Romanian courts (including the arbitration courts).


April 2001 – APRIL 2002 // Bucharest

  • Optimized the tax impact upon the various cross border leasing deals involving leading industrial capital expenditures (Daimler Chrysler – its very first investment in Eastern Europe).
  • Enabled rapid growth of the firm by implementing and creating new tax, litigation and real estate departments.
  • Negotiated, supervised and drafted the numerous documents for complex privatization projects (e.g. Winnerberg Cement, Raiffisen Bank, Sinara – Artrom).
  • Attracted and developed new clientele as well as maintained and updated current client files.
  • Influenced acquisition of individual investment funds for major client operations
  • (E.g. Astral Telecom – AIG Investment found Eastern Europe).
  • Oversaw development changes within the firm, supporting disciplinary and economic growth/ opportunities.
  • Reviewed personal income tax returns for expatriates’ employees (e.g. Deutche Bank, Creditanstald Bank).

Haarmann, Hemmelrath & Partner // JUNIOR PARTNER

Oct. 1998 – March 2001 // bucharest

Haarmann, Hemmelrath & Partner – present Mazar Consulting (Leading European consultancy firm specialized in law, tax, audit and management consulting)

  • Developed from its inception, the Romanian international multidisciplinary consultancy firm office and attracted new clients.
  • Organized a multitude of client seminars, published tax and legal articles and promoted the firm in the market.
  • Provided client support and coordinated great cross border and Romanian tax projects (e.g. HVB Bank, Porsche Bank, Siemens).
  • Performed tax diligence and reviewed personal income tax returns of expatriates (e.g. Commerz Bank, Banque National de Paris – Dresner Bank, Deutsche Bank, Citibank).
  • Represented many clients in respect to merger and acquisitions operations.
  • Hired, supervised, trained and managed personnel.
  • Prepared  and reviewed the technical tax information for the Firm’s tax publication.


feb. 1998 – sept. 1998 // london, UK

  • Managed the tax/legal department of the Bucharest office (which at the time was the largest on the market).
  • Developed, for leading companies, a risk and cost strategy agenda of investing in the East European Markets.

coopers & lybrand // lawyer senior manager

oct. 1992 – jan. 1998 // bucharest

  • Advised major foreign clients (e.g. Unilever, ING Bank, Pepsi, Societe Generale, Citibank) in regard to their tax issues.
  • Provided guidance in various areas of commercial law and general company law services such as drafting joint venture agreements for the shareholders; supporting various international companies regarding tax/investments/related issues in Europe, and putting together tenders for PHARE and EBRD financed projects.
  • Performed various tax and legal due diligence for clients such as AIG, Rothmans International, BMW, Nisho Iwai, Esmeralda, etc

romanian-american university // tutorial professor

oct. 1993 – july 1998

Professional Qualifications


University of Bucharest. Law Faculty. 

Sept. 1991 – July 1992


University of Bucharest. Law Faculty. 

Sept. 1989 – July 1993

Language Skills


native language


proficiency – fluent






workng knowledge


working knowledge


working knowledge

Rosca Law Team


Founder & Partner // Logic thinking ability. Analytical skills. Adapting solutions to the need of a client.


Founder & Partner // Business oriented. Leadership. Judgement. Client care.


Partner // Public speaking. Judgement. Analytical skills. Perseverance.


Associate // Public speaking. Confidence. Perseverance. Client care.


Associate // Public speaking. Perseverance. Creativity. Research.


Associate // Code of conduct. Writing skills. Research.


Associate // Research. Interpersonal skills.